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Hi Alisdair,

Here are the responses to the interview questions you asked for.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks, Dan

Music has always played a prominent role in my life. My grandfather played with some great names like Frank Sinatra, Gene Krupa and Louis Armstrong and my parents always encouraged me to play. I began playing drums when I was 11. My mom would drive me to my drum instructor’s house. She’d sit in the car and when I was done she’d drive me to football practice. My instructor thought it was odd taking lessons with my football leg pads on. 🙂 I picked up a bass guitar at age 17 and started writing immediately. It’s all I ever wanted to do. I wasn’t into learning covers or playing other people’s music. It wasn’t until later, that I discovered the importance in that part of it. I was mumbling silly song ideas into a recorder since I was 12 years old but I didn’t write my first official song until I was 17. I wrote it about a friend of mine who had died toward the end of my junior year in high school. I had everything mapped out in my head, lyrics, melodies, how I wanted it to sound. But at that point I didn’t play an instrument. A few months later I picked up my first bass guitar and my friends and I started a rock band. My family has always been the biggest influence on me because they’ve supported me in anything I’ve ever done. When I was younger, my dad always listened to early rock n’ roll like Elvis, The 4 Seasons and Chuck Berry. Most of those songs were short and to the point. And to this day, I love the idea of trying to capture a thought, lyrically and musically and presenting it in a short 2-3 minute package. Later, when I started playing drums, however, I got into Rush, which is the complete other end of the spectrum in regards to song format. haha 🙂 I want to write songs. I think of myself more as a songwriter now than a musician. I’d love for performers or bands to play a song that I wrote just to hear it from a different perspective or played in a different, genre or with a different vibe or tempo. I’ve focused more on the craft of songwriting within the past few years. I’m based out of Philly. My other band Officer Roseland still plays in and around the area. We played at Dobbs with Skeleton Key (who are on Mike Patton’s label). Last year, we opened up for Local H at a cool club in Delaware called Bar 13. Officer Roseland is a part of the Philly scene. John and the Cheap Dates is a great pop/rock band with a new record coming out. I’m most familiar with heavier acts from the Philly local scene such as, Sixty Six Stitches, which is a great punk band and Anthrophobia which have been killing for 20 plus years now.




Code 3 Records is proud to welcome their newest artist, Daniel William Daidone. We are also excited to announce the release of Daniel’s debut solo album, Shapeless Things. As one of the founding members of Officer Roseland, Dan has been one of the major creative forces and the lead vocalist for the band since its inception. Code 3 Records is therefore very excited to present fans with the chance to hear these completely new, original songs that were; written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Dan. The album, Shapeless Things, features 9 songs that are modern rock spiced with some New Wave to Indie Rock/Pop tinges in the vein of bands like Talking Heads, the Cars, and Weezer.

Shapeless Things Official Press Release

Daniel William Daidone’s music is Available now on itunes!