What is Code 3 Records Artist Services?

Code 3 Records is a new kind of business serving the music industry that works for the artist and helps them develop their talent, organize their personal brand, control their intellectual property, market, monetize and license their music. We are a new music business with 200% clearance on all of the music in our catalog making music licensing seamless.

Why should I work with Code 3 Records Artist Services?

Your music should be protected, monetized, and distributed to the fullest extent collecting every royalty owed to you WORLDWIDE. We are the only company that protects, monetizes, and provides sync licensing opportunities all while ensuring you retain your publishing.

Who uses Code 3 Records Artist Services?

Artists from all over the world at every stage of their career.

How much ownership does Code 3 Records Artist Services keep?

None. We set you up so you collect all 200%. You collect your songwriting royalties AND publishing royalties, which is something many artists are missing out on.


“Having Code 3 take care of all the copyrights and proper registrations takes sooooo much off my plate, and that’s been hard for me to figure out, on my own, in the past.” -Magda Meringue

“The opportunities that we were applied to, we would have never been able to get on our own. These guys know what they’re doing, and they do it well, Code 3 Records is for the under dogs, the over achievers and everyone else in between.” -Wonder City

“Code 3 Records is currently assisting us with creating a master music catalog excel spreadsheet for submission to HFA, Music Reports, Sound Exchange, etc., a spreadsheet which is needed to populate their respective databases in order monetize the music catalogs of the labels and artists that they represent.” -Bishop the Overseer