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We ensure seamless and easy-to-license music without any clearance conflicts.  We expedite the whole process and provide TV/Film/Game industry associates with exciting, new, and carefully selected music that meets industry standards.

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Please submit your song criteria. Responses made within 24 hours will include carefully selected songs with 200% clearance.





    For over 20 years we have been working with music supervisors and music coordinators around the world to assist them with all of their music licensing needs. 
    One of the main hurdles in music licensing is clearance. In our discussions, one question that came up time and time again was “Is the song properly cleared?” 
    We created Code 3 Records Artist Services with that question in mind. We guarantee 200% clearance on each and every song in our catalog. We work with each of our artists to ensure that their music is properly registered so they receive every penny owed to them from each and every global music platform. 
    Artists get what’s owed to them and you get peace of mind knowing that there are no surprises to worry about. No songwriters that were unaccounted for. No signatures to track down in the middle of the night with a looming deadline. By working with and for artists, we make your job easier. With an ever expanding catalog featured in monthly playlists, nearly every music genre is available.