Services we offer:

Optimize your Music Monetization

The music you create is special and needs to be protected, monetized, and announced to the world!  We will organize your music catalog metadata and register your music appropriately to collect the maximum amount of songwriting and publishing royalties available to you.  


Sync Placement Opportunities

We will pitch your music to active TV, Film, Game, Trailer, and Commercial productions.

Production Assistance

We provide general advice, critique, and recommendations for mixing, lyrics, and Mastering. . 

What can we help you with?






    Production Assistance, Song Registrations/Music Monetization and Sync Licensing Opportunities are a process, and we can get you through it! 
    At the end of the process we can show you how to take control over any future music projects yourself or we will be available to assist you with your next album or single 🙂 
    How Code 3 Records Artist Services works:
    • 3 Artist Questionnaires must be completed by the artist. These Artist Questionnaires must be completed at the start of the process before we can move to the next step.

    • Then we begin the songwriter and publisher registrations.

    • After your registrations are completed your music will be regularly submitted to sync licensing opportunities for 12 months.

    • We send our artists emails with frequent updates about where we are in the process. We keep the lines of communication open!

    *All selected songs will be added to the C3R music library.

    *Keep in mind that every project we work on is unique and tailored specifically to each artist.